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"baubles, scarves and belts, oh my!"
An Accessorizing Clinic

Accessories are the ultimate style signature, and they can transform even the most neutral outfits. Unfortunately, stores often feature selections that represent only 1-2 aesthetics, and mail order options are hard to visualize. Worry not, with this ultra fun package, we take care of scouring the stores for you. We'll begin with a 15-minute phone consult to discuss your needs and preferences, then schedule a 45-minute home visit, where your stylist will arrive with goodies in hand - you choose what to keep and what goes back, and yes, we take care of the returns!

"sorted and arranged"
Wardrobe Analysis Organizing Add-On

Are you getting a Wardrobe Analysis and wish it can cover the organization piece as well as our usual fabulous editing, cleaning out and outfit-building? We now offer an easy, affordable add-on service that will leave you with a picture-worthy closet space. After your Wardrobe Analysis, your stylist will stay for an extra 15 - 30 minutes to assess your closet space and discuss with you important factors about how you use and store clothing. He / she will then shop for the necessary organizing supplies and schedule a time to come back for an hour of organizing. Stay and observe, or let your stylist work at it independently and allow you to marvel at the results at the end! We believe that an organized closet space helps make every day easier and more fashionable!

"pampered and polished"
The Hair and Make-up Experience

As stylists, we know that hair and make-up are an important aspect of your personal style! But which direction to head into? Salons and make-up studios can be intimidating and overwhelming. Luckily, our stylists have done their homework about the best hair and make-up professionals in Boston. In this package, your Stilista stylist will meet with you for a 30-minute hair and make-up consult, where you will discuss your current routine, your lifestyle, and your ideas. Your Stilista stylist will recommend the most flattering hair and make-up solution that fits into the demands of your every day life. You will then be escorted to hair and make-up professionals that fit your budget, with your Stilista stylist on hand to make sure that all your questions are answered. You can opt for a hair consult with the hair stylist, or go for a consult, cut and style! Then, you'll be whisked away to your make-up lesson, during which you'll get new ideas and be taught how to recreate your new look at home. You can even get your eye brows shaped during the make-up lesson! Your Stilista stylist will take note of any important tips and strategies shared by your hair and make-up team and then send them to you by email. With Stilista taking care of setting up all the appointments and coordinating everything, you can truly just focus on being pampered and soaking in the new ideas! (Note: package price does not inlcude salon and make-up costs)

"not so small!"
The Low Maintenance Chic

Just want some great suggestions? Let's keep it simple! This package offers the Initial Consultation, as well as one 2-hour shopping trip. In this shopping crash course, we go out on the town and dive right into finding amazing pieces that will quickly enhance your existing wardrobe and get you some instant style appeal!

"turn it around!" (our most popular package!)
Wardrobe Re-Vamp

Stilista’s most popular package because it’s great for work style, casual style and everything in between! This package goes far with a trio of our most requested services: an Initial Evaluation, a Wardrobe Analysis of up to 3 hours, and one 3 hour Shopping Trip. Your stylist will focus on the topic of your choice, whether it's a lifestyle change, a closet full of boring clothes, issues with fit, or just a need for a style upgrade, and will help re-assemble your wardrobe into the style worthy closet you deserve! So, no matter where your style is at these days, this life changing package will get you well on your way to a stylish and confident new you!


Further Improved! The Deluxe package includes all of the above, with an additional shopping trip (up to 3 hours). You save $150 off a la carte personal shopping rates!

"well worth the effort!"
The Complete Overhaul

We'll say it up front: this package is not about quick fixes or minor adjustments, but boy will you be happy you made the commitment! It is the ultimate solution for the person that feels that all aspects of their look need to be completely re-assessed. If you're ready to take a giant leap towards an amazing new you, our stylists are up for the challenge! So, no matter how bad you think it is (trust us, we've seen it all and we don't judge!) we can get you looking amazing, and learning about what really works for you faster than you think. This life-changing package includes:

  • A Basic Style Evaluation
  • Wardrobe Analysis (5 hours)
  • Three shopping trips (3 hours per trip)
  • Assisted hair and make-up consults with Stilista-recommended hair and make-up professionals
"style me rotten"
The Style Seeker

Ok, so you've pretty much got it down pat, but how do you really take your personal style from "looks ok" to "wow, where did you get that?" Where do you attach that accessory? Are those shoes too trendy? Once you've immersed yourself in fashion it can really get confusing! Let our stylists decipher the secrets to amazing style that will have everyone asking where you've been shopping. We know all the coolest destinations, designers and trends that will have you magazine ready in a flash! This package includes the Basic Style Evaluation and a Wardrobe Analysis or a 3-hour shopping trip. If you opt for the closet analysis, your stylist will provide you with a detailed list that will outline exclusive brand & retail recommendations for new sought after items that will really make you the most stylish diva on the block. (Please allow up to one week for list generation)

"show time"
Special Event Shopping

An upcoming event got you stumped? Our stylists want to make sure you look unforgettable on your special night, no matter what the occasion! This 2 hour shopping trip includes a prior phone consultation where we talk about the event, the social circle, your lifestyle and comfort level. Based on the information you provide, your stylist will decide the appropriate shopping destination(s) and will often call ahead to have items pulled for you in your size. You will then work together to find the perfect outfit for your big day! We'll even hunt down the perfect shoes, bag and accessories if time allows.


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